Powermaster is a manufacturer and supplier of spring balancers, tool balancers, tube tools and bolting equipment SWA Series Spring Balancers by Powermaster Industrial
The swa series spring balancers with auto arrest mechanism

A Balancer with a safety wire arrest mechanism

Models available with the safety arrest mechanism

The SWA Series covers balancers from 9.0 to 70.0 Kg and up to 2.3 meters of travel. This series has incorporated the safety mechanism to lock the drum if the load fails or the wire rope is cut. Once the balancer recognises the load has been lost an automatic brake is applied causing the cable to be braked. This in turn stops the chance of an operator or any innocent bystander getting whiplashed by the cable returning at speed to the drum.

These models are exactly alike to the SWF Series apart from the added brake arrest mechanism

Model No Capacity
SWA-15 9.0-15.0 1.30 5.5
SWA-22 15.0-22.0 1.50 9.5
SWA-30 22.0-30.0 1.50 10.0
SWA-40 30.0-40.0 1.50 12.5
SWA-50 40.0-50.0 1.50 13.0
SWA-60 50.0-60.0 1.50 13.5
SWA-70 60.0-70.0 1.50 14.0
SWA-15L 9.0-15.0 2.30 10.0
SWA-22L 15.0-22.0 2.30 10.0
SWA-30L 22.0-30.0 2.30 11.0
SWA-40L 30.0-40.0 2.30 14.5
SWA-50L 40.0-50.0 2.30 15.0
SWA-60L 50.0-60.0 2.30 16.0
SWA-70L 60.0-70.0 2.30 16.5

customisation of design

Customisation of spring balancers

Within reason we have been able to satisfy customers needs where a design needed to be customised for special applications.